Bugs and Aliens

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share this simple and fun rainy day activity.

You only need

  • Over sized pompoms
  • pipe cleaners
  • buttons
  • googly eyes
  • Glue
  • little bell

I find that trying to glue stuff to the pompoms is annoying for kids mostly because they want to play with their new toy straight away!

Also BEWARE!, cats love these toys, we made 3 and only 1 survived because our dear mister Gandalf the Ragdoll cat (post to come soon) loved loved loved them!

It is a very simple craft, you just need to wrap the pipe cleaner to create the wings,  legs or whatever you like, pompoms holds it nicely in place. For the eyes and green tail, we used glue.

My daughter very soon gave up and realised  her little aliens and bugs were the cats property but she was happy to share.


I hope you enjoy making this little pompom whatever they are 🙂 its hard for little kids to twist the wings, I asked my daughter along the way what she wanted to do with it and also let her help with everything she wanted.

Thanks for stopping by.


Maru Gomez


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