On Becoming a Mom

Hi everyone,

This Post is about my Daughter and becoming a mom, her name is Madelaine, and you will hear me brag about her a lot!!! since she was in the womb we knew she was going to be hyper and active, she was on the back to back position, I remember trying so hard to change that with my huge belly bouncing up and down on my lilac gym ball, but she wasn’t interested in changing position.

She loved music in there, I also used to shine my I phones lantern on my belly and you could see hands, feet, elbows, knees through my skin, trying to touch and reach, if enough people ask I will include a scary video of her moving in there that looks like it was taken from a scary film haha.

I mean dancing and singing is what the girl likes, so we signed her up or ballet lessons, and every time we go to the movies we let her run to the front of the screen so she can dance and burn all that energy accumulated from sitting the whole movie,  We try to support all her little interests like her love for animals, she can tell the difference between the types of Lamas and she knows what a Red eye tree frog is.. I mean OMG!!! she makes me feel like a dummy sometimes… the good thing about being a mom is that you learn so much everyday, it fun doing all the little experiments and see their little faces illuminating  when they try something new.

Being a mom is the best experience of my life, I am very lucky I could stay home with her, and do loads of activities with her from feeding ducks to swimming, ice skating, pottery painting, science club, ballet lessons outdoor activities and so on, if there is anything new to try we want to go!!!!!

I normally follow her lead, ask her what she feels like doing and we organize something around her suggestion we also always talk to her even when she was a baby and I think that helped with her vocabulary a lot, she can have long conversations and say complicated words without a problem.

I will leave you a link for a video of my little dancer when she turned 2, we went to the beach  in Bournemouth and she danced for like an hour in front of the street band.

Thanks for taking some time to read my blog and I hope you enjoy the video.



Maru Gomez.





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