Tribute to Azure Window

Hi Everyone,

I have been wondering for a while what would be “first post material” for my Blog, I have so many ideas, I used to have a  blog 5-6 years ago about makeup , makeup tutorials and reviews and the “then and now” theme seemed to be the best option but, then I heard about what happened to the Azure Window, I wanted to dedicate the first post to this amazing Island were I had one of the happiest days of my life.  I went there in 2010 with my husband and we absolutely loved Malta, we even looked at every Real Estate window we could find because it seemed a good idea to leave our lives in England and enjoy life there forever and ever with the amazing people, food, sun, views.. you name it is paradise.

My husband proposed to me there on a boat called the Fernandez on a beautiful day trip, with sunset views to the city and coast line,so Malta has such a special place in our hearts.

Here is a picture of us looking rather young.


The thing is, that change will always happen, it can be a city evolving into something else (as a modern Malta as some nice Maltese man told us how different it is) or nature taking its course, but our memories there will stay with us forever and will always bring a smile to my face.

Regardless of that, I can’t wait to go back with my daughter because there is still so much to see and do, also show her where daddy proposed and tell her how much fun we had there and show her the picture of that beautiful land mark that is no longer there.

Thanks for reading my little Tribute to this amazing place.


Maru Gomez.


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