Natural Organic Lip Balms


Hi everyone!!

For todays fun activity with my daughter we made these Organic Natural Ingredient Lip Balms, these are very easy to make the entire family will enjoy them.

Natural Organic LipBalms

What you need:

  • DIY Empty Lipbalm Tube Containers or any Empty one you have around.
  • Organic Grade Raw 100% Pure Cocoa Butter
  • 100% Organic Bees wax (Cosmetic Grade, I used the triple filtered one)
  • Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil
  • Mica Powder in Rose Red (cosmetic grade)
  • Cinammon Powder


1. Shred equal parts of the Bees wax, Cocoa Butter  and scoop the same amount for the coconut oil (we used 3 table spoons to make a lot, you can use less or more!)

2. Put all the Ingredients in Bain Marie until everything is nice and melted, you can melt it in the microwave as well.

3.Pour the Mixture in the Tubes if you want some without added colour.  You can use a Pipette while the mixture is still runny or wait till it cooled down and push the paste in the tubes.

4. If you want a pop of colour,  add the Mica Powder, or Beetroot Powder, Cinnamon, even cocoa powder, mix and match till your heart is content, the more you add, the more pigmented they will be. We used a little spoon of each.

I know this picture is messy by my helper is only 2.9 months old (one has Cinnamon and Mica Powder and the other just Mica)


4. Let them set in the fridge or the counter as long as its cool. We waited a day to try ours.

5. and Voila!!!! Try them on and make that duck face! I know you want to!!! (definitely not our best picture)


I Hope you enjo this craft and please try them, they turn out great, its fun and sooooooo moisturising with the loveliest coconut smell!!!


Maru Gomez


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