Spring Fused Glass Accesories

Hi everyone,

Like most people spring is my favourite time of the year, I get to take care of my little garden and wait patiently to see the first buds to appear and its even more exiting to do it with my daughter, we have planted tomatoes, strawberries, flowers and tulips.  She loves to play with dirt and she is the one that wants to water the plants everyday.

I see so much beauty around, we live in the Countryside in Berkshire and little by little you see everything wake up, I appreciate every single garden that you can tell love and care has been put into it.

As we try to spend as much time outdoors as we can I got so much inspiration to make a few pieces of jewellery inspired by colours and the everyday curious things you don’t get to see the rest of the year.

Hot air Balloons are around from the begging of spring and its always nice to see them around specially my little one, she loves them!


Here is the Link for the Hot Air Balloon Pendant

Sky Blue Earrings with a touch of golden sunset, because after a British winter, being able to see the cloudless sky for the first time and the golden pinkish Sunset is one of the best feelings ever.




Something else I love from the British Spring and Summer is the festivity, party ready, happy feeling I get from Buntings.


And here some cute Cherry Red Fused Glass Earrings with Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver


If you want more information about prices and more Pictures please visit my Shop in Etsy, and if you want 40 FREE listings to start your own shop click here.

Thank you very much for visiting my Blog.


Maru Gomez


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